I need a night on the town with my dangerous queer clique
I also need a dangerous queer clique

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should I get my nipples pierced one at a time? As in get one done and come back another day for the next one? OR should I do them both in one sitting? 

PS: It’s $35 per nipple. 

Do them at the same time. If you do one you won’t want to come back to get the 2nd. Not to scare you or anything (I’ve had several piercings and nipples weren’t the worse)…I had both done at the same time.

True. The adrenaline rush of getting the first one pierced will kinda numb the pain of the second one. Kinda. :p

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I’ve lived here for an entire month and I’m still not sure this place is for real. It’s a combination of all the worst aspects of a small Southern hamlet, a blighted black/brown ghetto, and a decaying industrial town.

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These are from a wonderful book called The Art Of Comforting. Check it out and learn how to be better at supporting people going through difficult things.

Please please please think about what you say to someone who’s hurting!

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You ever try to take selfies to cheer yourself up but then you realize you look tired and dusty, so you end up feeling sadder than before?

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have patience with yourself. nobody ever got better overnight. you’ll get wherever you need to go in time. for now, remember that every day that you survive is a step forward, and you have survived many days. be proud of yourself. 

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Someone stole my bike. I’m too broke to be subsidizing crackheads like this. Just put new tubes and tires on it last week, too. 

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Trying to communicate across emotional divides with someone who was socialized to be the ‘strong, silent type’ is so fucking frustrating. A lifetime of trying to fit some emotionally crippled masculine ideal means that even basic concepts of emotional intelligence are life-changing epiphanies.

You have feelings. Yes! Even you, whether your pay attention to them or not. And your feelings affect your thoughts, which can influence your behavior.

I can’t read your thoughts, man. Use your words. Tell me how you feel, and why you think you feel that way.

That tension in your limbs, that tightness in your chest, that roiling in your belly, those might be physical manifestations of your feelings. Maybe you should pay attention to that shit. 

Most importantly, though, I am not responsible for helping you deal with your emotions. At least not until you’re emotionally mature enough for it to be worth my time. You carry your baggage, and I’ll carry mine.

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What kind of plots would POC like to see in dystopian novels?

Can someone please answer this? I got a cast of characters, the desire to write, but no plot to work with.

hey indecisive-bamma

Queer romances in which both/all partners survive and thrive.

Female protagonists who are neither exotic manic pixie dream girls nor emotionless amazons.

Decolonization and revitalization of native lands after the fall of white/’Western’ civilization.

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Enough is enough.

I’m gonna shower and exfoliate and moisturize and shape my eyebrows and paint my nails and put on matte lipstick and too much eyeliner and an impractical outfit because self-care.

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